Railroad Supply Corp Pt 1

About our humble beginnings and how far we have come. Take some time and watch our Videos. "It has been truly said if anyone has invented a machine with the solid mechanical appeal and satisfaction of a steam locomotive, he hasn’t applied for a patent yet."" (to paraphrase David P Morgan, Editor of Trains Magazine, April 1954 issue). We believe that the strength of Railroad Supply is in the quality of our products and services.
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Railroad Supply Corp Pt 2

This is made possible by the people who serve you. With many years of cumulative experience in the Live Steam hobby, our personnel are uniquely qualified to provide you with the expertise and service that you deserve, and may need, to get the maximum enjoyment out of your hobby. To that end, our philosophy is to adhere to rigid principles of conduct in all our dealings with you. We carry on the legend of Chet Peterson
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Railroad Supply Corporation has been serving the Live Steam Hobby since 1970 when the Company was founded by Chet Peterson and a number of live-steamers dedicated to the hobby. The first locomotive developed was the Central Pacific No. 173 4-4-0, the locomotive that Walt Disney has called “the most beautifully proportioned locomotive ever built.” Walt must have been correct about the CP-173 because it is the most popular of our locomotive kits and has been built by live steamers throughout the world and United States.
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