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About Us

Railroad Supply Corporation has been serving the Live Steam Hobby since 1970

when the Company was founded by Chet Peterson and a number of live-steamers dedicated to the hobby. The first locomotive developed was the Central Pacific No. 173 4-4-0, the locomotive that Walt Disney has called “the most beautifully proportioned locomotive ever built.” Walt must have been correct about the CP-173 because it is the most popular of our locomotive kits and has been built by live steamers throughout the world and United States.

The second steam locomotive developed was the B&O 0-4-0 which has been so popular with table top modelers.

. The 0-4-0 has proven very popular with live steamers who want a smaller locomotive able to operate on short radii and where space is limited. Our Baldwin 2-6-0 was developed to meet the need for a larger, branch line locomotive and uses many parts common with the 0-4-0. To further expand the choices for live steamers, we introduced the 2-8-0 Consolidation back in the mid to late 1980’s. This locomotive also uses many part common with both the 0-4-0 and the 2-6-0.

Design of the USRA Heavy Mikado 2-8-2 was begun in 1981 to offer a powerful, larger locomotive for the hobby.

It was our first locomotive in 1.6” scale for 7 ½ gauge track. The first design prototype was completed in 1983 and has accumulated several years of highly satisfactory running. It is now running in Michigan and the first production prototype is running at several tracks in Southern California and adjacent states. Today the USRA Mikado has all new pattern boards and molds along with tooling to better serve the hobby. In addition we are looking to expand the family to the USRA 2-10-2 and 4-8-2 using a lot of the same parts as the USRA Heavy Mikado 2-8-2.

Along with steam locomotives, Railroad Supply offers a line of “Diesel” locomotives.

including the SD-35, GP-40, F-7 A & B and the smaller GE-25 Ton Industrial Switcher, all with a smooth dependable electric system with sound. Units can be RC or hand held remotes with working air brakes and many diesel detail parts to choose from. Additionally, a wide selection of cars, accessories, track materials and other parts are offered to round out the complete requirements for a fully operational railroad in 7 1/2“ or 7 1/4” gauge. Railroad Supply is continuing development and refinement of existing and new products with the objective of being able to offer the widest selection of parts and products available for the Live Steam Hobby.

Personnel and Philosophy

We believe that the strength of Railroad Supply is in the quality of our products and services.

This is made possible by the people who serve you. With many years of cumulative experience in the Live Steam hobby, our personnel are uniquely qualified to provide you with the expertise and service that you deserve, and may need, to get the maximum enjoyment out of your hobby. To that end, our philosophy is to adhere to rigid principles of conduct in all our dealings with you.

  • 1. To offer the highest quality of product and service possible at affordable prices, never sacrifice quality just to make a sale.
  • 2. To deal honestly, courteously and promptly with our customers.
  • 3. To always back up our products with a fair warranty and help our customers fix any problem that may develop with our products or technical data.
  • 4. To offer a wide choice of Live Steam designs and products to enable our customers to build the products of their choice, whether one of our designs or a customer's "scratch" built selection. To earn and deserve your continuing patronage

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